Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keepers of Grimoire art

In March, I was contacted by the nice people at Orca Bear Studios, LLC and asked to work on some art for their developing trading card game, Keepers of Grimoire. It's a fantasy world with some unique twists of it's own and I had a great time working on it. I'll post some of the work I did over the next week or two. To begin, here's a dragon who is actually composed primarily of water (aren't we all?), which is streaming off his extremities as as he flies and a female character named Karina, who's sporting some stylish "steampunk" gauntlets.

You can learn more about Keepers of Grimoire at the game's site,


  1. looks amazing Jim
    Awesome job on the steampunk outfit!!

  2. Really nice Jim. You seem to be a natural Steampunk artist.

  3. Thanks, guys I do find myself attracted to that look and I've always loved the novels of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne so "steampunk' is appealing to me, even if I don't like that particular term much.

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