Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dreamblade Monster

Several years ago, I found myself doing a lot of "turnaround" designs for miniature figures (to be used, of course, in tabletop miniatures games). I hadn't done much of that sort of work before but I found I had a knack for it and really enjoyed it. One of the games I worked on was Dreamblade, a somewhat surreal game that involved warring factions of dream creatures that fell into categories like Valor, Fear, Madness and Passion. Today's drawing fell into the Madness category. My assignment was to create a creature whose head consisted of two crocodile heads combined, sideways. It's a cool idea and I ran with it, envisioning the monster as a sort of kaiju (a Japanese word meaning "strange beast"), something along the lines of movie monsters like Godzilla or Gamera. Because it belonged to the Madness faction, it's body contains some (hopefully) unsettling characteristics.

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  1. MORE MORE MORE! :D Great to see one of your Dreamblade design, hope to see more!