Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mithrios and Windshear Totem

I've been immersed in illustration projects and preparations for next week's Summit City Comic Con so so that's why the blog has been quiet this week. However, the silence ends today with a pair of Warcraft card paintings, one showing a legendary axe (Mithrios), lost and and abandoned in the snow and the other showing a potent magical totem. Paintings of objects like this challenge the artist to find ways to make them interesting. In the case of the totem, I used forced perspective and some magical energy to create movement within the composition. In the Mithrios piece, I relied primarily on light and atmosphere to make the axe visually interesting. Hopefully, I succeeded!


  1. Really nice work Jim. I bet Blizzard are loving these.

  2. Thanks, James! I'm glad you liked them. They seem to be going over well at Blizzard.