Sunday, July 17, 2011

Banderhobb Filch

This illustration was done for the recently released Dungeon #191. It depicts a frog-like creature called a Banderhobb stealing through a village at night with a small body in a sack (it's up to the viewer to decide just what kind of body). There's nothing I like better than painting the grotesque so illustrating this creature was fun. There's a special joy for an artist in adding expression to a type of face (in this case, a frog's) that is usually rather expressionless.

I've included a detail shot to provide a better idea of what a digital painting like this looks like "up close".


  1. What a great character ! I also really like the reflection in the water - so believable. Nice work Jim.

  2. Thank you, Larry. That reflection was fun to do and it was one of those things that's a little easier to do digitally than "manually".