Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sir Oakley...

... or as I like to think of him, Sir Rides-An-Armored-Horse.

This is another piece from Madness at Gardmore Abbey. The horse armor (also called barding) is based on a blurry photograph I took of some horse armor on display in the Tower of London. The art director was kind enough to allow me to break the picture border in a few places, one of those techniques that's easily abused but when used wisely (as I like to think I've done here) can add a bit of motion or energy to a piece. In this case, I think allowing the horse's head to break the left side of the picture box reinforced a sense of forward motion.


  1. It definitely does have a forward motion--right toward me. You can also feel the weight of all that armor. Poor horse! It is very lifelike--great horse!! Nice job.
    Mary Z

  2. Thanks! I wonder if all that armor/barding they used to put on horses bothered them. It couldn't have been comfortable but horses are so strong that maybe the weight didn't bother them,

  3. We are currently in adventure. We have Sir Oakley as a companion. He is doing very well, getting some good hits on the creatures including the golem and flesh golem we encountered.

  4. I haven't had the chance to get my Nentir Vale players to Gardmore Abbey yet, but they are getting closer. I am certain they will love Sir Oakley, and will probable feel crushed if he happens to be the Secret Collector.