Thursday, September 11, 2014


I work under a lot of non-disclosure agreements so I haven't been able to post anything new in a while but here's one of 4 illustrations I recently did for Vorpal Games. It's for their science fiction game, Red Aegis. I will post the other 3 illustrations in the near future.

This project was challenging in a number of ways and it pushed me into some unfamiliar areas. For example, this piece involved illustrating a meditating character whose chakras are visible (represented by the vertical line of glowing, colored lights in the middle of the picture) and who is "tethered" to alien worlds both in space and cyberspace. That was a lot to pack into one picture!

I 've included my initial sketch, a grayscale value study and the final color art above.

You can learn more about Red Aegis at the links below:


  1. Nice. This brought back fond memories of covers on Fantastic and other old pulps.

  2. Thanks, "Surly". I was definitely thinking about that stuff when I was working on it.