Sunday, November 9, 2014


I did this illustration earlier in the year and I've been given permission by the publisher to show it, although it hasn't been published yet so unfortunately, I can't name the publisher or project just yet. When the project is released, I'll make sure to post an update.

The client wanted a "comic book style" image (ie: ink line and color) so after working out a  composition, I did a brush and ink drawing (using some micron pens for the buildings) and then applied color digitally in Photoshop. When I work this way, I usually leave the black ink line alone, allowing it strike through the color. However, in this case, I used a lot of color holds (a technique that retains the line but in a color rather than it's original black). I thought it helped bring the image together.

I've attached the full version of the artwork along with a cropped version (which, as I understand it, is how it will appear in print) and the ink drawing.

For those who don't know, Kaiju is a Japanese word that translates to "strange creature". It's most commonly used to refer to the giant monsters seen in many Japanese movies and TV shows.


  1. Fabulous work Jim. This is a really good style for you and I agree that the colour holds helped the look of your piece. A fine display of rightonmanship !

  2. Thanks, Larry! I was "playing chameleon" and basically working in a style that was requested but it came very naturally to me. I've always been more comfortable with line...