Friday, May 8, 2015

On the Shoulder of a Giant part 6

This is the last spread I'll be posting this week from On the Shoulder of a Giant. It's also the last spread in the book and it shows Inukpak and the hunter roaming the arctic landscape in the winter. However, I'll share a few smaller images from the book tomorrow so please, stay tuned!

As I worked on this spread, I found myself continually painting details out of the picture, trying to make it work as a design as much as a rendered illustration. It's something I've been more focused on in recent years and I want to continue focusing on it.

I'm including two preliminary sketches this time. I added simple gray tones to one of them before painting the final. That was actually part of the process on all of these spreads. It was very helpful,


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  1. These are just so awesome! I really enjoyed seeing them.

  2. Thanks, Dave. I'm glad you liked them. It's been fun to "dish them out" this week. I've been sitting on them for the better part of a year!