Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glass Djinn

This painting was a blast! It was done for the online version of the popular card game, Magic the Gathering and depicts a djinn (more popularly known as a genie) made of dark green glass. I didn't make the glass fully transparent because I felt it might yield a confusing image. Instead, I made it translucent. I was very pleased with the way this piece turned out and the swirling clouds, in particular, were fun to paint. Clouds are one of those elements in a picture you can really manipulate to suit your composition.

The drawing was done in Photoshop. As usual, I kept it in simple line and developed the values and colors at the painting stage.


  1. Nice work Jim. That looks like it would have been a tricky one.

  2. I shared this with a friend who is working with djinn and she said he looks like he's made of coke bottles. I love it!

    I just think he looks awesome.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. Tell your friend that coke bottle look is exactly what I was after!

  4. I've looked and looked and can't find where this Djinn was used in M:TG. Was it a creature token, perhaps?