Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goblin Brigand

This piece was painted several years ago for a Magic the Gathering project that never quite materialized. It's been waiting for a home ever since and was finally published as a goblin token this year. Consequently, I can actually show it! 

The scene was painted in acrylics on watercolor paper. I challenged myself to see if I could pull off a warm, golden yellow background and was happy with the results. Yellow can be a difficult color to work with because it's so warm and bright, it wants to come forward. That means it only works as a background color if you get the values (shades of light and dark) in a painting right. I'd like to think I did that in this illustration and I had a great time painting the various leather and stone textures too (not to mention the goblin himself).

Images on Magic the Gathering token cards are placed in a vertical oval (do a search for M13 Goblin Token and you'll see what I mean) so the only part of this painting you can really see in print is the goblin character itself. Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of modern blogging, you can see the entire piece here!


  1. what a handsome fellow
    love the leather textures
    lovely work :)

  2. The sulfur palette really works. Excellent! Are you ever tempted to paint old school again?

  3. Thank you, Dave and Christina.

    Christina, I think about breaking out the paints all the time. It's just less efficient for a lot of the work I've been doing so at this point, I'm reserving it for personal work and the occasional project where I have time to go "old school".