Sunday, August 5, 2012

Goblin Priestess

This green-skinned cutie is from the latest World of Warcraft TCG release, Battle of the Aspects. She may also be my personal favorite of the WOW TCG illustrations I've created. I did a similar piece of a gnome priestess that you can find elsewhere on this blog under the name Holy Blaze. I was very happy that painting but I feel the gesture, facial expression, color scheme, etc. all came together better in this one.

I've included the preliminary drawing as well. Note the number of fingers on the goblin's hands. Warcraft goblins have a thumb and three fingers, not four so that had to be changed in the painting.


  1. looks great
    your pen drawings always seem to amaze me i'd really like to try my hand at this. does any pen and paper will do?
    i love the early dawn background it's just have such a beautiful color and gentle light which also appear to give a really good stage to the main light source and figure

  2. Thanks, Dave!

    The drawing above isn't actually ink. It's drawn digitally. However, I've done many, many ink drawings over the years so to answer your question:

    If you use a brush, any paper will do as long as it's strong enough not to buckle as the liquid ink is applied. However, inking with a brush is tricky and it's difficult to get a controlled ink line without a good brush. Sable brushes work best but there are brush pens available that work well and don't require you to dip in ink. For example, the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush is great!

    If you choose to use a dip pen, like a crowquill pen, you need a paper that isn't too soft, thin or fibrous. If it's too thin, the pen can tear it. If it's too soft, the pen will pick up fibers as you draw and that will affect your lines.

    Most artists choose to use bristol board or illustration board for ink work. Both materials are sturdy and designed to take ink. They come in two finishes, a smooth finish and a vellum finish (which has a little more texture). I like to use vellum bristol for pen and ink work.

    A good, sturdy drawing paper will work as well.

    Sorry to be longwinded... I hope that info is helpful!