Thursday, May 9, 2013


This painting was created for the World of Warcraft card set, Caverns of Time. I've included the preliminary drawing. The title character, Archimonde, is apparently a big baddy in the game and because he's literally big, this piece was a blast to put together. Any kid who grew up watching giant monster movies can understand why.

The painting went through some changes. If you compare it to the sketch, you'll see that Archimonde's head changed. The flames and the shower of flaming debris were all initially painted in warm oranges and yellows but were eventually changed to what you see above. In the end, I think that worked out well and improved the piece.


  1. Those greens really pop! I like how you handle the foliage in the background. It seems like a tendency in some of these types of paintings to leave out the natural setting element.

  2. Thanks, Dave!

    Thanks, Christina. I've noticed the same tendency. Those extra elements can be really important to giving a piece a sense of place!