Sunday, April 26, 2015

Princes of the Apocalypse

As the title of this post implies, this image was painted for the recently released Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse.  It depicts a genasi (a Djinn or genie-like race) casting a draining spell on the orcs attacking her. I had a good time with the lighting and colors in this one, as well as the characters.

This artwork was commissioned by Sasquatch Game Studio who put together the book in cooperation with Wizards of the Coast. It was a pleasure to work with them!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Son of the Flame

This is my contribution to the new Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain. It's a fire elemental emerging from a pool of lava. It was a challenge to paint with such an ultra-warm palette since my natural inclination is toward cooler or more muted colors but hard work and some insightful art direction from Jeremy Cranford really helped bring this image together.

For those interested in such things, the entire digital painting was created in Adobe Photoshop, using a variety of brushes.