Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eye of Thkaalujin

I did these 3 illustrations for Dragon magazine #428 last Fall. The first is titled Eye of Thkaalujin and, as an experiment, was painted almost entirely using square-shaped brushes. I wanted to loosen up a little and that helped me do it. The composition was a bit of a challenge too as I needed to show the titular eye in both the book the wizard character is holding and also on his forehead. The eye is actually a curse. Once the wizard opened the book, the curse/spell was activated and the eye manifested on his forehead!

The two spot illustrations were great fun. The Krylanthian Cloak is a cloak made of exotic frog skins and the Bone Scepter of Zceryll is a magical item that, as you can see, appears to be made of a vast, cosmic realms of space.


  1. Though I love the colors pose and POW in "Eye of Thkaalujin" and the colors, pattern, design and silhouette of the cloak. It's the femur I like the most, I like it's glow and how it goes so well with it's background (space stars and bones where can ya go wrong ;) )

    Impressive work on everything!

  2. Thank you, Dave!

    I think the cloak is my favorite of the bunch. but I'm partial to bright colors and tropical frogs so that's no surprise.

    1. Yep I too I like the bright colors in your works

  3. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..